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Afterlife Session


Dear friend,

If you are reading this right now, it probably means that you have loved an animal dearly and have also experienced their passing over into spirit.


It is at this time that I wish to reach my heart out to yours with a loving embrace and share my warmest condolences. Receiving true, unconditional love from another sentient being such as a dog, cat, horse, ferret, bird, fish, rabbit, frog, snake or otherwise (the list is much longer than this), is something that can only be explained by how the heart feels and if there was one thing that I could say to you at this very time, I’d want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.

I understand from personal experience how it feels when a loving pet dies and afterwards, how loud the ‘silence’ in the home can become. I personally remember when I would wake up in the morning from sleep, and then remember what had happened and feel how the pain would build up from my heart and out my eyes with tears.


Realizing that even after death, life continues forward in spirit and that brings me comfort. I hope that my work in animal communication can bring you comfort as well and knowing that our beloved animal companions have changed form and are still able to be communicated with is a wonderful gift.


Grief and loss are one of the most difficult experiences to go through and it is my intention to help make this process as easy as possible for you. It would be an honour to communicate with your loved one through an Afterlife Consultation session.

Some Important Notes To Consider:

  • Many people ask about when the right time is to check in with their beloved pet in spirit, and if you are wondering about this, I invite you to go inside to your heart space and ask that question. Does your heart feel like the time is now? Or does it feel like some time is needed to move through the process of catching up to what your body and mind are working with in the grieving journey. After a loss like this, you will most likely be experiencing shock, pain, and moving through the motions becoming deep in the grieving process. Some wish to allow 2 to 3 weeks time before seeking an Afterlife Consultation with their animal. You may wish to hear from your animal companion right away and this is okay too. I feel it’s important to allow time to find out if now is the time, or at a time in the future. Your heart will know the answer. During this transition period, please be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to take one step at a time in healing.

  • After a physical death and as your animal moves into spiritual form, it is important to allow them to have this time to do so. For example, I have had animals communicate with me shortly after their passing and they are very much at peace. They usually stick around for a little while close to their humans to make sure everything is okay. They are so very loving that way. I’ve even had them stick around with me for a bit so I could explain what is happening to them during their journey into the afterlife. I wish to share with you that the afterlife is a place of peace. There is no pain, and there is a light that is always close by, and sometimes, there is also a transition period. So, it’s important to remember that they are in a transitionary state as well, moving from a physical existence to a spiritual one. If an animal has had a long period of illness or perhaps suffered a trauma before their passing, as they transition over fully to the light, they will receive healing assistance and support from the guides and angelic beings that are there to help them…always with love.

  • Therefore, a session can be set up at anytime after an animal’s passing and I would be happy to connect with the animal to ask when the best time frame will be to do so that is in their highest and best. Their messages are always of love and they are surrounded with feelings of peace and comfort. Please rest assured that your animal will always be greeted with love and light from angels, guides, other animal mates and beings that are there to help them with this transition. In spirit, there is no time and space like there is here on earth, therefore regardless of the time frame before having a full communication session with them, they will be eager to speak with you. When the appropriate time has passed, and a session is booked, your communication session together will be meaningful and the transmission of messages will include love, healing and much can be shared together between you and them.

Pet Love


A. Afterlife Session: All afterlife communication consultations are available worldwide and are offered online via Zoom/Skype or telephone. I care deeply in helping you both based on the nature of this communication session. My goal and heart intention will always be focused in providing the best possible outcome for resolution and healing.

It helps me to have a photograph of your beloved pet in communicating with them. I will require a clear photograph with your animal’s eyes showing. If you do not have one with eyes showing, please share with me a photo of what you have. A digital/cell phone picture is best however if it’s an older paper photograph, that will be just fine. Working with a high-resolution photograph of your animal is very efficient and accurate.

During our session together, I will start by connecting with your animal in spirit and ask permission to communicate. Once permission has been granted, I will identify some first impressions and share them with you. We will then continue the session by receiving messages from them and will also include time for asking your animal your specific questions to allow him/her to provide as much information as he/she is willing.


The session will last approximately 60 minutes, and depending on the type of communication you have requested, 90 minute sessions are also available. You are very welcome to record our session together on your phone or audio recording device.

Energy Exchange: $144 – 1 hr | $188 – 1.5 hr CAD

For Afterlife Consultations, kindly CLICK HERE and enter “Afterlife Session Request” in the subject line.

B. Afterlife Transcribed Session: This session is done with your beloved pet in spirit and transcribed into a keepsake written document for you. You do not need to be present for this session. I receive messages from animals in spirit in the same way as if you and I were to have a conversation together. My communication with them works similar to that.

I will require a clear photograph with your animal’s eyes showing. If you do not have one with eyes showing, please just send me a photo of what you have. Once your information is received, I will inform you when I am able to do the communication session.

During the actual session, I will start by connecting with your animal and ask permission to communicate. Once permission has been granted, I will identify some first impressions. I will then continue the session by allowing him/her to provide as much information as he/she is willing.


You will have opportunity to send me your specific questions you would like to ask them and messages you would like share as well in which I will include. I will document the entire communication session and send you a typed transcription for your records and review. It takes me anywhere from 4 – 7 hours to complete an Afterlife Transcribed Session, including graphic design, and depending on the type of communication you have requested.

Energy Exchange: $222 CAD

For Afterlife Transcribed Consultations, kindly CLICK HERE and enter “Afterlife Transcribed Session” in the subject line.


***Please note that animal communication does not substitute for help from a trusted veterinarian or animal health professional. If your animal is unwell, please seek medical assistance for them. If your animal is in medical distress, please bring them to a medical/ holistic veterinarian or practitioner trained for animals. I am unable to provide any medical advice whatsoever nor do I wish to. This is not my area of expertise and out of love for your beautiful animal, I heart-fully encourage you to seek assistance of someone trained in crisis, medical, holistic care for animals. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

Paw In Hand


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