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General Session

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Dear friend,

I wish to thank you for your interest in a animal communication consultation with your pet. It is with my heart’s intention to provide you with information from your pet as to his/her wishes and communications to you and also to provide answers to the questions you have for them.


It is an honour to be a conduit for their voice and on their behalf. All communication sessions are held from a place of love, and you have my promise on that!


General Session: General communication consultations are available worldwide and are offered online via Zoom/Skype or telephone. I care deeply in helping you both based on the nature of this communication session.


Animals communicate energetically and sessions are extremely effective even though an animal is not present in the same space communication is being held. My goal and heart intention will always be focused in providing the best possible outcome for resolution and healing.

I will require a clear photograph with your animal’s eyes showing. If you do not have one with eyes showing, please share with me a photo of what you have. A digital/cell phone picture is best however if it’s an older paper photograph, that will be just fine.

During our session together, I will start by connecting with your animal and ask permission to communicate. Once permission has been granted, I will identify some first impressions and share them with you. We will then continue the session by receiving messages from them and will also include time for asking your animal your specific questions to allow him/her to provide as much information as he/she is willing.


The session will last approximately 60 minutes, and depending on the type of communication you have requested, 90 minute sessions are offered as well.


You are welcome to record our session together on your phone or audio recording device.

Energy Exchange: $144 – 1 hr | $188 – 1.5 hr CAD

For General Session Consultations, kindly CLICK HERE and enter “General Session Request” in the subject line.

Why Do I Offer Communication Sessions By Donation?

I wish to offer communication sessions with animals by donation because of how my heart and soul feels at this time. Doing this work is a wonderful gift to me, and I learn very much from my animal friends and teachers. I deeply feel that part of my soul's journey is to assist our world in this way. 

Animal communication is not just about the time during an actual session. It also includes energetic preparation before and afterwards. An hour session typically takes 2 hours and sometimes more because of the energy required, follow up, and self regulation as a highly sensitive person.

I also feel that an exchange of energy is required when doing this work. Because of the energy management that is required of me, my physical, emotional and energetic aspects, having an exchange that is donation based feels right.

Should you have any questions about this at any time, you are always welcome to contact me.


***Please note that animal communication does not substitute for help from a trusted veterinarian or animal health professional. If your animal is unwell, please seek medical assistance for them. If your animal is in medical distress, please bring them to a medical/ holistic veterinarian or practitioner trained for animals. I am unable to provide any medical advice whatsoever nor do I wish to. This is not my area of expertise and out of love for your beautiful animal, I heart-fully encourage you to seek assistance of someone trained in crisis, medical, holistic care for animals. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

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