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 ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~
The GAL Who Speaks With Animals 

How do I book a communication session?

You can book a session by visiting the CONSULTATIONS tab. Here you will learn about animal communication sessions and the different choices available for you and your pet(s). 


From time to time there is a high demand for consultations and session availability may be booked up to a month in advance. This is not always the case, however I'd like to be transparent in that it can happen when there is an influx of communication session requests.

While my intention is to support as many animals as possible, due to the energy management that is required for this type of work, I may not be able to accommodate all requests during the times of influx. I do promise however to offer as many sessions as I am able.

*Sessions can be booked from individuals 18 years or older

*If a session is booked for someone under the age of 18, I will require a parent or guardian to be present and confirm consent.

What is An Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator is someone who is born with, or has developed the ability to tune into an animal's energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. (Everyone has the ability to develop this by the way!) 


Animal communicators can sense imbalances in an animal's energy field that may be causing them issues. In this way, they can help you identify things on an energetic level with your animal, and from the animal's perspective, so that you can work together in helping them. This information can then be brought forward with your pet's licensed medical/holistic care provider to address the issue on the physical level.

The goal of working with an animal communicator through communication, is to give and receive messages from animals based on their wants, needs, and how they feel inside or outside their physical body. They may share their favourite things to do, give their declarations to end of life wishes and much more. 


Some animal communicators are able to receive spiritual and energetic imbalances in the body, mind, and soul that are causing energetic weakness. 

Animal communicators do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medications. They are not medical professionals, however instead offer insight into what might be happening with your animal's body energetically so that you can take the next step in getting professional treatment from an DVM (doctor of veterinary medicine), licensed animal practitioner, NVD (naturopathic veterinary doctor), or other animal medical professionals.

Working with an animal communicator can be complementary to your current treatment plans but should not replace them. It's always important to consult with your pet's health care provider before stopping or starting any treatment that is already in place. 

How Do You Work As An Animal Communicator Marybeth?


My communication sessions are intended to complement and support the treatments you are already using with your animal(s).


As an animal communicator, I am one who speaks with animals using psychic, energetic and telepathic forms of communication. Information may come forward through images, sounds, feelings or sensing as some of the main forms of receiving information from animals. 

The way that the animals have taught me in working with them is through energetic coherence with one another. Through the transference of energy between me to them and them to me, I receive their messages on many levels. These might include feeling how they feel, knowing specifically in their body where they feel this by having them share with me in my own body as a conduit.


I am able to see past events like a movie playing in an energetic space as well as feel the experiences of that time. Sometimes smell or tastes come forward and always in the best way for the animal to share their message of importance.


I work with the energetic level of animals as well as the soul's level. Many messages come through from animals that are very deep and on the soul's journey. For your animal is a soul that has come to live their live here on earth in animal form, just like you are a soul who has come to live your life on earth in human form.

Past life or ancestral lineage information is often transferred energetically through communication sessions. Opportunity for energetic healing, soul healing, past life/present life reintegration can be part of these sessions.


Some Important Pieces To This Work: 

  • I am NOT a fortune teller nor can I predict the future. I will never proclaim this and it is not the nature of the sessions I offer.

  • I am NOT a mind reader, therefore if you ask me what your animal is thinking at that very moment and to tell you what colour ball he/she has in her mouth, this is not what my communications are about. If this is an important aspect of what you are looking for in a session, please seek another's assistance.

  • I am NOT here to prove anything other than my heart's intention to support in the best way that I can to honour animals, their needs, wants and messages, and also to support both you and them together in teamwork with one another.

  • Because animals are healers, teachers, soul mates and much more to us, there may be times when your animal could bring up old wounds or traumas within you. While I am not a doctor or therapist, as a certified coach with trauma training, I will support you as I can. It's important that you know that I am not a trained therapist, counsellor or social worker. If at any time you feel overwhelmed and must stop the session for any reason, I ask that you let me know.

Why Do You Offer Communication Sessions By Donation?

I wish to offer communication sessions with animals by donation because of how my heart and soul feels at this time. Doing this work is a wonderful gift to me and I learn very much from my animal friends and teachers. I deeply feel that part of my soul's journey is to assist our world in this way. 

I also feel that an exchange of energy is required when doing this work. Because of the energy management that is required of me, my physical, emotional and energetic aspects, having an exchange that is donation based feels right.

Should you have any questions about this at any time, you are always welcome to contact me.

Do You Have A Confidentiality Policy?

All sessions are strictly confidential and are never shared without your permission. Sometimes situations arise where it can be helpful to share pieces of information in order to help another animal in need. If this comes forward, I may share a happening of an animal's communication session with the intention of providing additional assistance or support only.


Therefore, anytime this might happen, it will always always be with a) the person's consent or b) the situation or part thereof that contains no names or information other than the experience as an example to help and support the current situation. I would not wish for my stories to be told and honour that within all of my clients (human and animal). I choose to hold the a very strict policy in client confidentiality. 

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You are reserving a spot on my calendar, which includes my time during, before and after for energy management, energetic preparation and more. An hour session takes me longer than 60 minutes due to the preparation and after session phase. 


I ask that you be certain of the date and time and mark it in your calendar/schedule. I will send you a confirmation email and a reminder email 24 - 48 priors and therefore you will have plenty of reminder confirmations.


If for any reason you can not make our scheduled time together, I ask for 24 hours notice. If you cannot accommodate this, you may gift your session to a friend/family member with advanced notice to me of this change. If you do not show to your appointment there will be no refund. No shows are considered sessions with no contact 10 minutes after start time.


Thank you for you understanding and honouring both my time and yours. 

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee To My Donation?

YES. My intention is always to be of support in the best way. I truly wish for this experience of communication with your animal(s) to be of the highest and best for you all. If you are not comfortable with the session within the first 15-20 minutes, simply let me know that you are not comfortable continuing and I will refund your donation back in full.

I may ask you if you would share with me your reason(s) so that I can be of the best support to you, and for future clients as well (I'm always open to honest, healthy feedback). I won't however question you about your decision and will promptly refund your donation back.

If you complete the session in full and then say you are not satisfied, no donation refunds will be given. Your request must be stated within the first 15 - 20 minutes of our time together. You will know by this time if our time together with your pet is resonating with you and I do feel that this is ample time for you to decide this.

*Donations for these animal communication services are not tax deductible.

What If My Question Isn't Answered Here?

While mostly all of the answers to your questions can be found here on this page or the other pages of my website, there might be questions you have that are personal or otherwise. For questions that this website can't answer for you, please email me directly at thegalspeaks[@]

(*In an effort to reduce spam, I have include the "@" symbol in parenthesis above. To email directly, simply replace the "[@]" in the email above to "@" or message me by clicking here.)

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