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Dog and Baby
What is Animal Communication?

Have you ever truly witnessed an interaction between a baby and an animal? There is no verbal language used other than perhaps a few grunts and noises and of course body language.


When in fact, the two main forms of communication that belong to these sharing of messages consist of eye contact and an energetic connection that comes from one heart to the other. As babies, it is effortlessly natural to view animals as beings no different from ourselves.

Sharing a mutually understood language with animals and communicating telepathically with them becomes the norm from a very early age and up until the time we are taught how to speak our native verbal language.


Once we learn how to speak “human” and because our original innate form of telepathic communication does not remain as our main tool of communication, we tend to lose that telepathic “muscle” and then begin to forget this innate form of being able to hear our beloved animal friends in this way.

For example, telepathic communication at a young age is similar to looking at how our hearts beat. They beat all on their own without being told what to do, and happens without our conscious awareness. The same happens with our breathing or the blinking of our eyes. They just naturally happen.


The same concept of telepathic communication that we all once had was also happening on its own because of our innate (inborn or natural) awareness.

Benefits of Animal Communication

Because telepathy was never taught to us on a conscious level and for the last several hundreds of years has been suppressed, this innate skill quickly became dormant.


Also, because telepathy is not a vital need to sustain life such as breathing or beating of our hearts are, it can be easily forgotten how to communicate with animals in this way.


From a young age, we also began to learn that animals are inferior to humans and we reign over them. Yes, animals and humans are two very different species, each with their own consciousness and journeys. However, animals carry much knowledge and want to share it with us. They have the ability to think, feel and are sentient beings.


This is where animal communication can help to make a change! It’s the bringing back of what we once had and not only helps you connect with your animal companion, it helps them get their voice back and be able to share with you their thoughts, needs and wisdom.

I used to think that animal communication was based on reading the body language, eye contact and stances of an animal. However it actually goes much deeper than this. Animal communication is a direct two-way conversation with another species.


In fact, animals communicate via telepathy. Telepathy derives from the Greek language and means “feeling at a distance”. (Tele – distance | Pathy = feeling), and animals are masters at this innate intuitive skill.

Actually, everyone can communicate with animals, we’ve just forgotten how because it’s not “main stream” or the norm in today’s current society. But this is changing! And I am delighted to share with you how you can give and receive messages to and from the beloved animals in your life.

Beautiful White Dog
Here are some benefits of how animal communication can help you and your animal:
  • To help understand your animal’s thoughts and feelings and working with them to resolve any concerns or conflicts that are being experienced.
  • To help your animal understand stresses such as absences, holidays, moving, relationship/family changes and working with them during this transition.

  • To help identify your animal’s quality of life during an illness or their senior years and work with them to understand how they want to be supported throughout the end of their life.

  • To help identify the cause of behaviours such as anxiety, acting out or otherwise and working with your animal to help to bring peace and calmness to them and their family members.

  • To support your animal with the dying process in a compassionate and loving manner.

  • To connect with your furry loved one in spirit to give and receive messages to and from them.

  • To deepen the bond, connection and relationship with the animals in your life, whether here on earth and/or in spirit.

  • To assist with past live issues that have come forward into the present life of the animal and is asking for healing.

  • To help with entities or spirits that the animal is seeing and asking for help with.

  • To assist and support behavioural issues with an animal, in helping find a resolution as to why it’s happening in the first place.

  • To support grieving and providing support to an animal who has lost a special friend, human or animal.

  • …and many more.

How a consultation with me works 

When I communicate with an animal, I begin from a place of love and prepare energetically and intentionally, before sending and receiving information in the form of emotions, images, thoughts, physical sensations, smells and tastes, plus inner knowing.


Animal Communicators each have their own style of communication with some having stronger senses through images and thoughts while others through sound and smells.


The modalities that work strongest with me is through a piece of all aspects noted above and they come through just like a conversation as if you and I were talking voice to voice. I find animals are very wise and the messages they share with me are always profound.


Animals are our teachers, are honest and forthcoming. I am grateful to receive their messages and pass forward to you, the human who loves them so.

What type of session should you book?

General Session –  best suited for when you are needing a check in with your animal companion or a need for deeper understanding of their wishes, wants and needs. They could be showing changes in behaviour or health, or simply be trying to tell you something and you want to be able to help them with that.

Afterlife Session – this time is specially reserved for when you wish to connect with your beloved animal companion that have passed over into spirit (the other side of life). A session can be set up at anytime after an animal’s passing from physical form into spirit. An afterlife session can also support your beloved animal as they plan their transition from physical to spirit.

Urgent Session – this session is for matters of urgent nature for those who seek emergency communication for their animal companion. Urgent sessions are not meant to replace medical attention and are not of medical nature in any way.


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General Session
Afterlife Session
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