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Learn How To Talk With Animals Through Private Mentorship

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Read What Others Have To Say Who Have Experienced Dedicated and Private Mentoring Sessions

I recently completed Marybeth’s introductory Animal Communications course through Private Mentorship. Up until then, I had very little awareness of animal communication. I had always thought that “certain people” had the ability to communicate with animals, and that I unfortunately was not one of those people.

At the start of this course, I was completely convinced that Marybeth was one of those people. She had kindly and

professionally served as a conduit between myself and some of my pets that I had become physically separated from. We had three such sessions since 2021. Marybeth was able to extract and articulate information about these pets, as well as to relay messages from them. I quickly became a “believer” when I found that Marybeth was providing information that she could not possibly have known beforehand.

When I answered the question “Why are you attending this course?” I replied with the following: “I am attending because I love animals and would find it so special to be in tune with them. Also, because I miss my cats now in spirit and deeply want to talk with them. Perhaps I could also help others with their pets.”

And when asked “What do you wish to learn?” I replied: “I wish to learn how to get on the same frequency as animals.”

(I thought it was noteworthy that I had used the word “frequency” before I found it in the course materials).


Throughout the five sessions of the course, I learned how to set intentions and how to place my consciousness into a different realm than where I was accustomed to placing it. Though I had deeply anticipated not being able to quiet my mind, it became clear that I was quickly discovering my “energy centers” and learning how to

“be present.”

I benefited greatly by relaxing alongside calming music and beautiful images. Music has long been a part of my life, so this made sense. I noticed that when I did relax to the music and images, I instinctively sat up straighter in my chair. I also discovered the importance of breathing and breath support.

I began to learn about that which Marybeth pointed out we aren’t taught in everyday life. Specifically, I learned about the “three

brains” and how to tap into my “gut brain” which corresponds to instinct and intuition. I also discovered that I was primarily a

clairsentient and claircognizant person.

Finally, I learned how to put my ego aside for the moment, allowing it to rest, while become truly conscious. During the course, Marybeth asked me to view some pictures of animals that I knew nothing about. I was able to relay some information about and from the animals that was indeed accurate.

Around week three of the course, something remarkable happened. To give a little background, I took piano lessons during my entire childhood and became quite good at it, especially in my late teens. After years of never having time to play or practice, however, my skills deteriorated significantly. I had dabbled with it for the past few years, but was never able to recover what was lost.


I was essentially teaching myself all over again, starting out with how to read the notes. About half-way through the course, I sat down at the piano and witnessed a complete “breakthrough” of my skills! I was again able to tackle some of the more complicated musical pieces. I directly attribute this to having reopened and strengthened the right side of my brain during this course. I don’t believe this is a coincidence! Something had really clicked!

When answering the post-course questions, these were my responses:

1. Before the course, I believed that I was someone who loved animals, but that I had no power to communicate with them.

2. I am now someone who is confident that I can communicate with animals!

3. I have learned that I must tap into the right side of my brain!

Though still a “beginner” in the world of animal communication, I believe that I have had a remarkable “first run.” There is still much to learn and experience, and I look forward to that very much. I have nothing but praise for this course and this opportunity!


Jessica Wisley, USA

Author of All Those Pieces











Working with Marybeth in a private mentorship fashion was truly exhilarating!  I have always been drawn and more comfortable around animals and had this innate gift that allowed me to "connect" and "hear" but... as with everything else spiritual I always thought I was kinda wackadoo!

When I was referred to Marybeth by a mutual friend, I JUMPED out of my skin at the opportunity, this was what I have been asking for... guidance and understanding of what was happening to me. 

Marybeth was so incredibly patient with my millions of questions and she provided a safe space for me to work through my blockages surrounding this gift while guiding me along my journey to opening myself up fully to communicate with the animals. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Marybeth as your guide,  your mentor and your gps along your journey... I will forever be grateful to her!

Marcella Burgess, Canada


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable lessons and insights I gained during our four sessions together. Your unique approach to fostering openness and love without judgment created a safe space that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore the extraordinary world of communicating with animals.


I truly appreciated the sense of security that allowed me to embark on this journey. I'm excited to share that I've embraced this newfound skill with enthusiasm, extending my communication attempts to various species.

Karen Uglow-Cohen

If you are interested in building a deeper and meaningful relationship with animals through private mentorship, please CONTACT ME and type 'Private Mentorship' in the subject line to be notified upon the next availability of offering.


Beautiful Lion Cub


***Please note that animal communication does not substitute for help from a trusted veterinarian or animal health professional. If your animal is unwell, please seek medical assistance for them. If your animal is in medical distress, please bring them to a medical/ holistic veterinarian or practitioner trained for animals. I am unable to provide any medical advice whatsoever nor do I wish to. This is not my area of expertise and out of love for your beautiful animal, I heart-fully encourage you to seek assistance of someone trained in crisis, medical, holistic care for animals. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.


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