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Learn How To Talk With Animals

Marybeth and Meka
Marybeth and Lilly
Beginner and Advanced offerings available

  • Have you ever wondered what it might be like to communicate with animals?

  • Are you wanting to help animals with healing?

  • Are you looking to help heal yourself, the animals and our world?

If you are answer to any or all of these questions is YES, I sincerely invite you to check out my learning animal communication offerings.


Regardless of what level of understanding you feel you might be at, rest assured you are in the right place at the right time. I’m delighted to help you grow further in this wonderful world of animal communication and healing.

Consider the following...

Imagine for a moment, that you couldn’t communicate with your family or friends and that you had to keep guessing at what they were trying to tell you and vice versa. How would that feel and how often do you think you would receive each other’s messages accurately? 

When it comes to animals, whether they be our companions or species in the wild, have you ever wondered what they are trying to say when they stare into your eyes? Maybe you are in nature often with animals and you want to help them. As a guardian to our beloved animal friends, it is our responsibility to support them in the best way and this workshop will help you learn how.

Come join Marybeth Haines as she opens up the world of animal communication and supporting you in learning how to communicate effectively with them. Take your relationship to the next level and watch your connection become even stronger. And most of all, come have fun in this enlightening and uplifting experience.


The animals will thank you!

If you are interested in building a deeper and meaningful relationship with animals through energetic communication, please CONTACT ME and type 'Learn Animal Communication' in the subject line to be notified upon the next course offering.

What Others Are Saying
Read From One of Marybeth's Private Mentoring Student's Experience by CLICKING HERE!
Hear what others are saying about their experience!

  • Your energy is contagious and your commitment to animals is admirable and heart warming. The binder was extremely thorough! I look foward to reviewing the information. The gifts we very generous. The course fee was very reasonable. I am still basking in your love of animals that was so beautifully shared in your animal communication seminar! Thank you❤️ – D Bornell

  • Excellent workshop all around. Great meditations. Looking forwrad to another class with Marybeth. Well organized, lots of good information and professional. – L Michaud

  • I loved Marybeth’s class. It was wonderful. – L Hayes

  • The class was awesome. You were very clear about everything in the class. – R Connors

  • I really loved the workshop. It was well executed, professionally prepared and fun! I would love to take future workshops offered by Marybeth. – J Kedzierski

  • Very enjoyable, learned a lot about all my pets here and that have crossed! Thank you Marybeth! – S Winning

  • Marybeth’s calm demeanor, lovely disposition and positive approach was just wonderful. What an amazing workshop. I felt such warmth and a relazing, loving space in this workshop. I found the booklet was very organized, clear and will be easy to reflect on later. The CD is just wonderful, peaceful and amazing! Thanks for a great day! – C Rosiana

  • Absolutely wonderful! Excellent instruction, well put in a binder. Setting the intention to communicate with animals is mind changing. – J Lippa

  • I had a breakthrough today. So valuable. Marybeth knows her “shit”. – T Corupe

  • Marybeth has opened up a new world for my pets and myself. A deeper bond forms every day. I learn from them how to love myself unconditionally. Thanks lady! – C Froese

  • Really enjoyed all aspects of the class- music, dancing, sharing, practical application and all the information given in the course as well as the additional website with resources. Great job! Thank you for teaching this valuable skill! – B Lanigan

  • Marybeth is very kind, great instructor, and very open. Loved the seminar! – K White

  • I loved it! Very informative and useful information. Thank you for going above and beyond with all the resources available. – C Glaw

  • Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Marybeth’s class was a lot of fun and something I would recommend to anyone. I look forward to my animal communication journey. – L Muller-Bot

  • I thought this workshop was very empowering. It really helped me build a stronger connection to animals. – M Beauparlant

  • Marybeth is a very knowledgable, compassionate person. She is very organized and able to convey her teaching in a positive, easy to learn way. I recommend her workshops. – L Caldwell

  • Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your class, the energy was wicked. Your energy is phenomenal. I highly recommend your class. You have found your true calling. – T Robins

  • Marybeth is an excellent leader in the area of animal communication. Her energy is gentle and suited to work with the gentle energy of animals. She is very capable and competent animal communicator. – P Maw

  • I am experiencing a growth spurt on my spirutal joruney. This workshop has helped galvanize the process. – M McArdle

  • Marybeth is so caring, compassionate and genuine. She is very encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in communicating wth animals. – B Ashey

  • A great amount of information was provided in a short period of time and presented in a compassionate manner. A day well spent! Looking forward to developing the skills and using the tools in helping animals and their people. – L Melanson

  • Very enjoyable! – T Ziobakas



***Please note that animal communication does not substitute for help from a trusted veterinarian or animal health professional. If your animal is unwell, please seek medical assistance for them. If your animal is in medical distress, please bring them to a medical/ holistic veterinarian or practitioner trained for animals. I am unable to provide any medical advice whatsoever nor do I wish to. This is not my area of expertise and out of love for your beautiful animal, I heart-fully encourage you to seek assistance of someone trained in crisis, medical, holistic care for animals. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.


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