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Animal Frequency & Energy Healing Program

Updated: Apr 23

It's really great to connect with you once again in this way! I hope all is well! I am reaching out to share something I'm really excited about!

I've received an energetic, and inspired nudge to host an offering for those who wish to work with animals through energetic healing vibrations and frequencies.

Would you like to join me in this vibration?

What's This All About?

The intention of this program will be to assist and support animals in healing, as they are working through some intense energies at this time.

We as humans are also working through energetic shifts, and as this retreat will be focused on working with animals, it will also serve to assist and support you as well.

For when you can help yourself, you can help animals on an even greater level.

And of course, with all of my classes, the animals never let us down! They come forward as our teachers and guides in so many ways! For they are healers of guidance for us all!

Therefore, their vibration to help us learn this will be present during this time together.

Here's All The Specifics!

Special Offering: Animal Frequency & Energetic Healing

Dates: Announcing soon!

Time: TBD

Location: Location will be provided upon registration.

What You Will Learn

Week One - Part 1: Vibrational Frequencies & Energy

  • introduction to vibrational frequencies and energy

  • emotions and energy

  • map of consciousness

  • the different types of energetic bodies

  • practice ~ experience vibration, frequencies and energy with both people and animals

Week One - Part 2: Energy Centres & Chakras

  • energy centres of the body (chakras) and their purposes

  • animal chakra system, how they differ from humans and their purposes

  • soul and earth star chakras, working with their vibrations

  • practice ~ experience sensing & communicating energetically with the chakra system

Week Two: Energetic Sensing

  • strengthening your energetic senses

  • working with energetic senses vs. physical sense

  • show to combine the two together

  • practice ~ experience how to work with your energetic & physical senses in the best way for you

Week Three: Working With Crystals

  • crystals and energetic healing

  • frequencies and vibrations of crystals

  • healing protocol with animals using selenite

  • practice ~ experience working with animals energetically using selenite

Week Four: Flower Essences

  • vibrations and essences

  • flower essences with animals

  • flower essences with humans

  • practical experience ~ experience working with a specific set of essences for yourself and animals

What You Will Receive

  • Printed Manual (Value $20)

  • Selenite Stick (Value $5)

  • Animal Chakra Charts - Full Colour PDF format (Value $10)

  • Flower Essence Kit ~ Set of 6 vials (Value $42)

  • Snacks and beverages such as herbal tea, water, healthy cocoa, electrolytes, assorted fruit, gluten free granola bars etc. (Because of food sensitivities/allergies, all snacks and beverages will be gluten and dairy free.)

Each participant will also receive a certificate upon completion plus a BONUS gifts too! :)

Total Value of this program: $444 CAD

Special Offering: $288

*payment plan is available upon request

*Notes: Animals will not be physically present during this workshop other than the ones in my family. We will be working energetically with your animals who wish to participate through their photographs.

This program is specially designed to support both you and the animals in your life. If you work with animals professionally, you will also be able to incorporate this learning into your offerings with them as well.

Let's expand with the world of energetic frequency and vibration with animals! Learn how to work with them in this way. Take your relationship with animals to the next level, and watch your connection become even stronger. And most of all, come have fun in this enlightening and uplifting experience!

If this program interests you, simply send me an email to say 'I'm in!'

Email me at! I'll get back to you with the rest of the details!

PS. To my Animal Communication Students: This program will count towards your Animal Communication certification!

I hope to see you in person soon!!

With heart hugs,

Marybeth Haines

The GAL Who Speaks With Animals

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