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 Being A Voice For the Animals, Sharing Their Messages With The World 




The GAL Who Speaks With Animals



My name is Marybeth Haines and I'm the GAL who speaks with animals. I'm so pleased that you are here! As a professional animal communicator and a friend to the interspecies world (whether furry, feathered, finned or scaled) and to the humans who love them, I invite you to learn more about how animals communicate and also how I can help you hear what they want you to know.


I believe all species of the animal kingdom are sentient beings and therefore have their very own thoughts, feelings and ways of communicating. It's all about learning how to listen to their unique voice...something we have forgotten how to do!


If you are looking for assistance in understanding your pet's thoughts and feelings, perhaps wishing to identify the cause of your pet's anxiety or behaviour, I am here. If you are looking to provide compassionate support during a pet's end of life, or if you want to connect with your pet in spirit, it would be an honour to support you. I would be delighted to be of assistance on your journey with a consultation or through one of my workshops.


Thank you for being here!

How May I Serve?

I really care about helping you and your animal in the best way. Let's get to know each other better, shall we?

Animal Communication Consultation
Awaken With Animals Podcast
Learn How To Communicate With Animals
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"Marybeth knocked my socks off in her communication
with my sweet cat!"
"I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have in my heart for Marybeth Haines. She knocked my socks off in her communication before my sweet cat passed. She even named our other pets by their nicknames and by things we say to them. She helped me immensely in my journey through grief after said sweet cat passed. I just can't recommend her classes and services enough. I'm so grateful we have crossed paths!
Thank you for all you do, Marybeth! 💜"
Teresa Cat, St. Catharines, ON, Canada


Dog on computer
Contact Information

Email: thegalspeaks [at]


In an effort to prevent spam, the ‘@’ symbol has been replaced in the above email address. When emailing Marybeth, please ensure to replace this with the proper symbol to enable the address to work and your email to reach her. Alternately, Marybeth invites you to use the web form below.


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